The Importance of Experience and Knowledge in Writing Convincing Copy

An abiding feature of our team at Quillwise is that we have consistently sought out knowledge and experience in a variety of disciplines and different areas of work.

Among us, we have studied sociology, psychology, economics, politics, biology, and ecology at varying levels, and worked with and for professionals in both the private and public sectors in construction, engineering, recruitment, computing, and design, within academic bodies and non-profit organisations.


Why is this important?

Well, writing doesn’t take place in a vacuum with, at best, a dictionary or thesaurus to hand. Good, convincing copy comes from appreciating context and having some basic knowledge and understanding about a subject.

We rarely come armed with that knowledge and understanding at the outset, so it’s absolutely crucial that we, as writers, seek out as much knowledge and information as we can, through whatever means are available to us, to be comfortable with that subject.

Whether we’re editing a journal article, writing a blog post about something as mundane as toothpaste, penning a product description for a brochure, or crafting copy for a website, the principle remains the same.

We’ll talk to you, we’ll do appropriate research.

The ability to draw on a body of knowledge, in whatever form, alongside understanding same, allows us to consistently write authentically, convincingly, and engagingly, on your behalf.

Quillwise Principal – Emma Martin

Our principal writer, Emma, studied sociology, anthropology and development studies to degree level, and achieved a first in environmental forestry at Master’s level.

During her career prior to founding Quillwise, she worked with and for professionals at the Environmental Change Institute in NUI Galway, and the Marine Institute in Galway, Ireland.

Most recently, she has typed and proofed for barristers, solicitors, doctors, engineers, and architects, as well as researchers engaged in various fields of study.

In addition, Emma has honed a qualitative interview technique that is invaluable when consulting with clients, enabling Quillwise to gain a thorough understanding of the specifics and nuances of a particular project.  This skill was acquired when conducting in-depth interviews with coffee farmers in Guatemala as part of a Master’s thesis, and developed further while interviewing fishermen on the south coast of Ireland as part of a PhD project.

“I have always enjoyed and been patient in listening to what others have to say.

“Equally, I enjoy writing and words, and the magic that happens when words come together and express something bigger than the mere mechanics of choosing them and putting them on the page.  It’s chemistry; it just happens.  A beautiful, inexplicable reaction.

“This interest in people and their stories, and the beauty of good prose, led me naturally to copywriting.

“Every person and venture is unique.   We all deserve to be properly listened to and understood – not just heard – and I take genuine joy in translating individual stories into prose that engages readers in a direct, tangible way.”

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